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Organize All Your Supplier Information (No More Clipboards!)

Gone are the days of clipboards and bid sheets getting lost in piles of invoices and other documents. With state of the art software designed by Sarbari Technologies, you'll have access to all of your purchasing information…all in one place, any time, anywhere.

Streamline Your Entire Ordering Process

With all your current supplier data in one place, your employees can spend less time ordering food and supplies, and dedicate more time to efficiently running your business.

Improved Efficiency + Increased Employee Productivity = Savings

By utilizing technology to organize all your critical purchasing information, your employees' valuable time will not be wasted on non-revenue-producing tasks. You’ll see savings on food and labor costs immediately!


Anselmo Torres

“The software has changed the way we manage our purchasing. The time we save every week is invaluable, and the food cost savings speaks for itself. Who wouldn’t want to save time and money...?” 

– Anselmo Torres, Proprietor, Lumbrada Cocina Mexicana, Wayne, PA

Ken Trickilo

“My food cost has been within budget since the first week we began to use our software! We saved almost $5k in the first month. Our vendors get the orders without any glitches, and the product is the same specs that we wanted from them. Thank you again.”

-Ken Trickilo, Executive Chef, Liberty House Restaurant, Liberty State Park, New Jersey

Stavros Gougoustamos

 “Sarbari Technologies has created a powerful tool that is cost effective and makes the ordering process simpler and much more efficient. I have complete control of the whole buying process. I could never go back to the old way.”  

-Stavros Gougoustamos, Owner, Diner 248, Easton, PA 


Sarbari Technologies

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